Zero Trust Security for the Everywhere Workplace

 “Zero trust is not a technology, it’s not something you buy, it’s a strategy.” - Gregory Touhill, Director of the Computer Emergency Readiness Team Carnegie Mellon University Former CISO in the Obama Administration

The Everywhere Workplace is Here

Now it’s time to protect it.

Working from everywhere means employees need access to corporate apps and data from any device, anywhere, anytime. This is a new level of freedom — and a new level of vulnerability. Navigate this new landscape with security that’s purpose-built for the Everywhere Workplace. Get edge-to-edge security for every device, every user, every application and every network everywhere.

What is Zero Trust?

Never Trust. Always Verify.

Zero trust is a security framework that assumes bad actors are always on your network. Always-on monitoring and adaptive enforcement delivers continuous protection at the user, device, app, network and data levels.

Why You Need Zero Trust Now

Zero Trust. Zero Compromise.

With threats growing in volume and sophistication, zero trust is the right solution for the Everywhere Workplace. By continuously verifying posture and compliance and providing least-privileged access, you can reduce your organisation's attack surface and likelihood of data breaches. Plus, zero trust mitigates threats while providing a consistent and more productive security experience for users, wherever they are.

Make Zero Trust Yours

You already have an existing IT stack, security policies, network infrastructure, compliance requirements and user need. Each of these elements is unique your organisation — and your zero trust journey will be unique, too. Zero trust isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and it can be tailored to your current state, strategy and objectives.

Zero Trust Pillars

Effective security starts at one of these foundational zero trust pillars.

Verify Users

Even with best intentions, users continue to be the weakest link, and phishing attacks more prevalent than ever. Secure your users with strong authentication solutions like multi-factor authentication, secure passwordless access, biometrics, and privileged access management.

Manage Devices

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. To keep bad actors out while preserving the user experience, it’s critical to ensure continuous vulnerability management, intelligent patch management, mobile threat detection and remediation.

Secure workloads and applications

Whether your workloads are in the cloud or on-premises, a zero trust approach can support secure development practices, least privileged access, secure app-to-app communication, and container security.

Protect your network

Context is key for zero trust network access. Organisations must go beyond traditional VPNs and design micro-segmented networks that can make intelligent access control decisions based on user attributes, device posture and application type.

Defend your data

We know how hard it is to achieve data mapping, classification, and loss prevention at scale in the modern work environment. Still, data hygiene is critical for continuity, compliance and privacy.

On-going visibility and automation for scale

You can’t secure what you can’t see. Stay in the know with robust reporting across all your IT infrastructure and automated threat response. This is the only way to scale your IT teams to meet the challenges for securing the Everywhere Workplace.

Secure Users

Reduce the likelihood of data breaches by eliminating passwords and deploying mobile anti-phishing solutions.

Zero Sign-On
Secure Devices

Secure devices with UEM and intelligent patch management.

Unified Endpoint Management
Secure Access

Enable secure access to applications, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Zero Trust Access

Zero trust is not a technology, it’s not something you buy, it’s a strategy.