Unified Endpoint ManagementFocus on users and they’ll do more with ALL their devices.

Mitigate up to 85% of Cyber Threats

You simply cannot afford to make the wrong call when it comes to securing your organisation.

A Single UEM Solution

Manage the user workspace, not just their devices.

Manage Traditional and Modern Devices

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By consolidating more of what we need into a single console it gives me one place where I can control application deployment, patch compliance, software licensing, antivirus, etc.
Aaron OrtizManager, Enterprise Device Architecture

Manage their workspace and all their devices

For the best experience, everywhere

Where is the sweet spot between the experience on each device and what you want to deliver to your users? What does it look like if you take that same experience and move it between devices—a common scenario in hospitals, schools, and retail stores? Want to know what’s on every device and make sure it’s running the latest? These are the types of challenges Unified Endpoint Management helps master.

Unified Endpoint Management is the cure for common user experience aches and pains. These product lines provide core capabilities to create solutions such as Windows 10 migrations and maintenance, automated isolation and remediation of cyber security attacks like ransomware and malware. Ivanti makes it simpler to give your users the right experience, resources, and privileges to get their jobs done quickly—without confusion, added anxiety, or worse.

ivanti endpoint manager

Find Solutions to Balance Your IT Needs and User Experiences

Discover why Ivanti is the only vendor who can Manage, Secure, and Service from Cloud to Endpoint.

You're only as effective as your IT network discovery software.

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Support rapid growth, complexity, and a multi-generational workforce through hyper-automation to proactively, predictably, and continuously self-heal, self-secure devices, and self-service end-users.

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87% of all business professionals employ a PC and at least one mobile device to complete their daily work.

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Full-coverage patching with SCCM.

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With security breaches as the new normal, the rush is on to implement effective security practises.

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You need to protect users, their systems, and critical IT resources.

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