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Anytime, Anywhere User Productivity

Modern users expect to get their work done using a variety of devices in today's remote environment.

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Flexible options for MDM, enrollment, app deployment, and security.
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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Mobility is transforming how we live and work

87% of all business professionals employ a PC and at least one mobile device to complete their daily work (EMA). Employees are no longer chained to desktops in one location, but constantly on the move, using a variety of devices, and accessing a multitude of applications. With BYOD corporate and personal devices need to be managed and integrated into the company’s IT Management systems without compromising security nor personal access.

Manage and secure iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices via EMM

Manage your endpoints just as you would your mobile devices when enrolling them, deploying profiles and policies, configuring email accounts, or applying restrictions. And don’t worry, the full agent option is also available.

Support Mobile Users Effectively
Embrace mobility and enable your users to work on any device with the confidence that security measures are available to protect corporate information across endpoints.
Simplify administration
Make policy delivery consistent and easy. Implement a single user policy just once and apply it across all of your user’s devices.
Manage BYOD
It shouldn’t matter who owns the hardware. Manage access to corporate information without invading the user’s personal data.
Secure what matters
React quickly in case a device is lost or stolen and protect the corporate content users access.
Be the IT in “Unity”
Manage and secure all your users’ devices through a single, unified system.
Common Experience
Provide an interface and navigation experience that is consistent from the desktop to the tablet and smartphone.
EMM style or full agent
Why choose? Have the best of both worlds and manage your devices via EMM AND have the option to utilize the powerful agent based management style.
Operational Security
Combined with endpoint security, easily isolate affected devices in an event of a breach, automatically push software, and put the device back on the network.

Enable your users and empower your IT

The mission of managing and securing mobile devices is made easier with the two integrated solutions from Ivanti: Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager. 

Integrated Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities enable you to use the same console you employ for systems and security management to also manage the mobile devices in your environment.

Unified Endpoint Manager
Manage all your users’ devices from a single management console.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
Deliver multi-layered protection without disrupting your users or business operations.

Embrace mobility with confidence

Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities to efficiently manage and secure the mobile devices in your environment.

Push apps to devices, blacklist or whitelist apps and set rules for access. Manage in-house enterprise apps or third-party apps from iTunes or Google Play. Instal or remove apps based on Smart Policies (by role, location, device type, or other criteria).

Simplify inventory, configuration, and management of your mobile devices. Easily create profiles, enforce restrictions, and set and enforce security policies. 

Wipe corporate applications selectively to maintain security in the event a device is lost or stolen. Detect jailbroken or rooted devices, enforce password standards and other configurations, and control device access to company networks and data. 

Procure and distribute AppStore applications with ease with Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP). Enrol devices quickly and easily with full support for Apple’s Device Enrollment Programme (DEP). Best of all, DEP can be used across macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices.

Manage your Mac or Windows 10 devices just like your smart phone. With Mac EMM and Windows 10 EMM capabilities, you can extend your mobility management experience to your users’ laptops and more.

Easily migrate, modernise and voice-enable Windows 10, Android, and iOS mobile devices by leveraging technology in the warehouse and across supply chain. Improve accuracy and efficiency without modifying or replacing IT or host systems.