Patch Management for SCCM Patching third-party apps from Microsoft SCCM console has never been easier. No additional infrastructure or training required.

STAY UP TO DATE with SCCM Patching

We've got your Patch Tuesday challenges covered. The best source for Patch Tuesday.


We’ll help keep costs low whilst minimising risk and keeping you up to date.


Learn how to deploy patches without hassle. Patches for SCCM are like seat belts for your IT users - they’re there for security.


Reduce risk and close the application-patching gap.

You’re invested in SCCM and it’s working for you. Your SCCM is helping deliver software and updates to all your workstations, but you need something more than basic, manual tools to update third-party software and keep your business going... right?

When most reported vulnerabilities come from third-party apps and you have compliance mandates to uphold, patching isn’t optional. Whether it’s patching for Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or Endpoint, it’s non-negotiable. We’re here to simplify the process and make it much easier. Ivanti UK’s Patching for SCCM, powered by Shavlik, is a plug-in to SCCM that automates the process of discovering and deploying your third-party app patches through the SCCM console. We're dedicated to helping your business stay protected, and with Ivanti Patch for SCCM, it doesn't take nearly as much time.

We've always been dedicated to staying protected. Now, with Ivanti Patch for SCCM, it doesn't take nearly as much time.
Rick McIverSenior Systems Administrator

SCCM Patching Helps Patch Apps the Right Way. Get the Right Tools and Expertise

Patch for SCCM reduces risk and gives you back the time you need to support core business goals. Update even the most difficult apps easily, including Java and Google Chrome. The more apps you have, the more time you spend keeping systems up to date.

Get more for your IT pound

Use the familiar workflows and features of SCCM to import, manage, sync, and deploy all critical patch information.

Patch more in less time

Download patch information and distribute patches for hundreds of applications automatically. Even for those most often attacked.

Accurate, pre-tested patch data

Leverage years of experience creating and deploying patches and a patching database that leads the industry in extensive pre-download testing.

Increase Your Cyber Security With Ease. Get More Out Of SCCM Patching.

The news is flooded with stories of cyber attacks - these are just the ones you hear about. Businesses can no longer afford to  ignore or struggle with patch management. So get an easier way to secure your network. Get the peace of mind that comes with compliance. Get patching for SCCM.