PATCH MANAGEMENT for Windows Ivanti UK is the leading provider of Patch Management software that handles every aspect of Windows and third-party application patch management. Tackle OS, app-level threats and patch management needs for Windows.

STAY UP TO DATE with Windows Patches

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Simplified Windows Patching (powered by Shavlik)

A Completely Automated Patch Management Solution for Windows

Many organisations juggle multiple separate tools to patch their physical and virtual servers, which often results in a waste of working hours and resources. Using a range of different tools also increases risk of human error, which can impede your cyber security efforts. Ivanti UK offers a single automated patch management solution.

Powered by Shavlik, our Windows Patch Management System handles every aspect of Windows OS - from hypervisors to third party application patch management. This includes identifying and deploying relevant patches, fixes, security updates, and patch reports.

There simply wasn’t another product with the capabilities and ease of use of Ivanti Patch for Windows. We rely on it for centralized patch distribution every two weeks to meet our Cyber Essentials obligations.
Shaun ParnellInformation Technology Technician

Fast and effective patch detection and deployment for Windows

Patch management for Windows doesn’t need to be complex or timely, with one effective solution from Ivanti patch the OS and apps, physical and virtual environments, on- and off-premises devices, and even endpoints that aren’t online.

Patch more than the OS

Eighty-six percent of reported vulnerabilities stem from third-party apps.* Patch these as well as the Windows OS. *National Vulnerability Database

Secure virtual servers

Discover, inventory, and patch physical servers, VMs, and templates, regardless of power state or if they are on or offline.

Reduce IT effort and cost

Automate patch management, from discovery to assessment to delivery of updates. View efforts from an intuitive interface.

Bring together Security, IT, and DevOps

Integrate patch management for Windows with other functions, for more resilient infrastructure and to help IT partner in securing the organisation.

Easy Integration — patch in minutes, not months

Ivanti UK offers an easy-to-use patch management tool that can be integrated easily and quickly. This means there is no excuse to overlook critical patches or critical parts of your organisation’s cybersecurity anymore. Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the process for installing and preparing to patch all Windows servers and workstations in your IT environment.